I wish more people would help changing the world to make it "last"


I do what is reasonable within the way I live to add my share in making the world a safer, cleaner, „greener“ place to be.

We don’t have the (realistic) option to leave here once we used up all resources, covered all surfaces and crevices with trash, put so much toxins in the water and the air that we can’t use either.

Our individual actions have consequences. Not just for us as individuals, but for every human, for fauna and flora, and not just for tomorrow, and the next year, and the next decade, but for a much, much longer time.

It angers me when people act as if they owned the planet and they could mess it up as they please.

We can not wait on others to undestand the issue and adjust their behavior. Each one of us has to start making the necessary changes.

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2 Antworten zu I wish more people would help changing the world to make it "last"

  1. auntyuta schreibt:

    I try to avoid excessive consumrtion. Sometimes it’s rather difficult to find the ‚right‘ balance! We can wish for less greed and balance in everything we do. However I doubt that we can predict accurately our future.on this earth. Maybe as humans we have to learn a lot from the consequences of natural disasters and wars.

  2. realme52 schreibt:

    Yup, aunty, there is a cause for those unnatural natural disasters. And we got to do what we can to decrease the risk of them to happen. We are on the right way, Uta! „Der Weg ist steinig, doch er führt bergauf.“ (that’s part of a very short poem I wrote about 30 years ago….or more? I’ll post it!)

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