My Own Restaurant (it is not going to happen)

Vegetables in the market at Campo d’Fiori, Rome
Plinky’s question of the day: If you had your own restaurant, what would it be called? What would be served?

It would be called „Todays Special“, maybe.

The days when I was dreaming about my own restaurant are long gone. If, for some reason, I would do a restaurant, people wouldn’t get a menue because there would only be served whatever I feel like cooking that day. They could count on tasty whole foods, novel composition, inspired vegetarian meals. Everything would always taste really good. People would have to come and eat while it’s there, cause there would be no garantee that I could ever create the same dish twice. Bon apetit.

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3 Antworten zu My Own Restaurant (it is not going to happen)

  1. auntyuta schreibt:

    Splendid! A restaurant like this would be just right for me. It’s really a great idea! The photo, did you take it? There are some tempting items in that photo. What is that stuff in the front?

  2. realme52 schreibt:

    First: no, I didn’t take the picture (I pulled it from the internet). But I could have. Love Italian markets.
    Second: what you see in the front left of the picture should be Mitzuna, a multi-pupose, tangy cut lettuce. In the middle, that looks like a baby lettuce mix. There is red radiccio and pieces of Boston head and other greens and it is decorated with beautifully carved radishes. Hmmmm! Delicious. Stirs my appetite just writing about it!
    Third: yeah, thanks, the idea is good. But too much work..? And I am not at all a business person, you know!

    • auntyuta schreibt:

      Had an idea, they might be carved radishes. Wonderful to be able to buy this in a market place! Thanks very much for your detailed answer and for a very enjoyable blog!

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